Jerry Reid

In 1971, the idea of providing temporary engineering services for some of central Connecticut's design, production and technical industries seemed far-fetched, if not a little ahead of its time. That is when Jerry Reid laid the foundation for Reid Engineering Services. Today, with hundreds of engineers, designers and technicians placed on jobs all over New England, the concept of capable, available engineering help on an as-needed basis has become a full-grown and much in demand business service. Reid Associates carries on in this proud tradition.

Max Macerollo

Max is a graduate Mechanical Engineer with broad management experience in Manufacturing and Design. He has worked both nationally and Internationally in Europe and the Middle East.

Max is responsible for the recruitment of Technical and Engineering candidates. This includes temporary and permanent employment opportunities, such as Mechanical, Electrical & Architectural Designers, Manufacturing and Process Engineers and also Quality/Industrial Engineer for various Industries such as Automotive, Aerosopace, Medical and general manufacturing.

Max can be reached via our main number
(860) 236-4893or by sending him an email at

Aaron Kanute

Recruitment and Placement Specialist

Aaron’s broad experience in the Human Resource & Financial Services field has provided him the ability to collaborate successfully with candidates of various professional backgrounds. His history with working in the HR Corporate (The Hartford Ins), as well as the agency side, is valued by both candidates and hiring managers.

Aaron is responsible for the recruitment of Specialized Tutors and Financial Support staff. This includes temporary and permanent employment opportunities, such as Personalized Tutoring, Financial Advisory & Consulting, Administrative Assistants, Receptionists, IT Support, Payroll Specialists, etc., for various corporations.

Aaron can be contacted by phone (860) 236-4894 or by email: